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At Farmplex, we take pride in our commitment to producing high-quality seed potatoes. Our potatoes are grown under strict quality standards, monitored by federal and state government inspectors to ensure the best disease management and production techniques are followed.

We use the KEPHIS seed certification program to ensure our potatoes meet the highest standards. Our team of experienced agronomists, technical experts, and marketing specialists are dedicated to meeting our customers' needs and requirements.

We work with selected, progressive growers who operate under contract with us to produce the highest quality seed potatoes. Our strict controls ensure that our potatoes meet phytosanitary specifications for their final destinations.

From the very start of the supply chain, we prioritize the quality of our potatoes, and our dedicated team ensures the quality of all intake from our growing partners and suppliers.

Quality is our top priority, and we have a dedicated team to administer the quality of all intake from our growing partners and suppliers. We are committed to variety innovation, excellence in seed potato production, and fair commercialization worldwide.

Potato Seeds

Certified potato seeds meet market needs and are appropriate for a wide range of farmers, climatic zones, altitudes, and other factors. Farmers may increase their net revenue by increasing yields using our seed potatoes.

Ksh. 2,100.00 / 50 KG


Peas seeds

An afila-type snow pea with exceptional yields of beautiful dark green pods set on strong 30” plants. Very sweet pods are set doubly and reach an average length of 5 1/4 “. Plants have high resistance to FW (race 1) and PM.Kingfisher pea consistently produces a well coloured, bold sample, aided by its good genetic colour retention. No matter which end-market the crop is destined for, appearance of the final product is critical to maximising returns.

Ksh. 2,000.00 / 1 KG


Maize Seeds

Dignity is very early maturing, energy dense maize with high starch yields and cell wall digestibility content.

Ksh. 3,500.00 / 50 KG

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Modern Machinery

No farm or ranch is complete without a high-functioning agricultural tractor. With the right tractor, you can improve productivity on the farm with excellent efficiency and durability. Though tractors are well-suited for farm applications and agriculture, they also serve many needs across other industries, such as construction and mining.


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